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Nick Stergiou

Producer / Production Supervisor / Logistics Guru
Hi there!

I'm a Commercial Producer and Production Supervisor based out of New York, NY. I work in LA too! I think I'm pretty good at what I do. And dog-gone-it... People like me! These days I work on a bunch of Union and non-union projects with various AICP and digital content production companies. Companies like Smuggler, Raucous Content, Believe Media, Stun Creative, O Positive, Digital Kitchen, and CMS Productions just to name a few. Union rules/timecards, budgets, crewing up... I can't get enough of it! 

I believe that if you work hard and treat people kindly, AMAZING things will happen. So far it has. For fifteen years now I have surrounded myself with the greatest crew in the world and I can't get enough of it. Sometimes the industry could be stressful--you won't see that on me.

A little back-story: I was born in NYC, however, I was raised in Bakersfield, CA. Yeah THAT Bakersfield. You've probably driven passed it and like to make fun of it. And that's ok. There's nothing to do! Asides from river rafting and eating delicious Ice Cream from Dewars... After experiencing 100+ degree weather every summer, I had enough. In 2005 I relocated to NYC in 2005 and got a degree from NYU with a minor in Producing. After college, I did a lot of jumping around between film, tv, commercials, events, photo shoots... just about everything that involved a camera. My first tv gig had me sitting and driving in a 15-pass for a month 5 days a week for quite some time. I was one of maybe 50 drivers each season. My transpo captain saw something in me and eventually, I became a coordinator for that show. Us PAs had a lot of fun on that show on and off set. Friendships were formed that to this day still remain strong. The love I had for that group inspired me to create this website 15-Pass. It was something that originally was going to be an app to help out-of-town producers find vendors and crew... but it never came to be and I realized that's literally what I do. So I kept it.

Once upon a time (for four years) I had the privilege to work on Sesame Street as a coordinator, and it was the time of my life. I mean... hanging out with Big Bird on the Street I grew up on? It was a dream! After a few years of that, I did get little tired of sitting in the same chair every day so I decided to become a freelancer again. Something in my brain allowed me to be good at logistics which lead me to manage huge events and shows that required me to hire and managed literally dozens of PAs and drivers on the streets of NYC. I found my niche in the commercial scene and I plan on staying in it for a while. Though I mostly do commercial stuff, I still dabble a bit in TV. Like Amazing Race! I PM for them whenever they are in NYC and let me tell you--it's an experience like no other! But I signed an NDA so I can't talk about it (Hi Jordan!).

Hope you enjoyed this read. If you are a producer in town with a big job and need a strong Production Supervisor who can navigate the vendors, crew, and the budget... OR if you're an EP looking for someone to produce something a little smaller... give me a call! We'll keep organized, stay on budget, and I promise we'll have some fun on the way!

Take care!

Nick Stergiou

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