We are a diverse team of production collaborators specializing in logistics and production management for the film/TV, commercial, and event environments in the New York Tri-state area. What started as a 50+ sized transportation department for Mark Burnett's "Celebrity Apprentice" grew into a local powerhouse alliance of ​in-demand producers, field coordinators, and camera crew serving the industry's most exceptional programming today.

​No one knows the city as well as we do, which is why we are the go-to crew for out-of-state and international productions seeking assistance with local film/TV permitting, vendors, camera teams and advantageous day-to-day scheduling from location to location.

15-PAss was founded in 2012 not only as an envisioned full-service locations and production company, but also as an idea to create a unique and exclusive underground production network for keeping its members updated on upcoming projects and collaborations. Our members (15-PAssengers) currently use the service on a closed server as a resource to hire qualified crewmembers, locate available equipment for projects, and seek general consultation on production-related endeavors. If you are interested in joining 15-PAss, please send along your resume to sterg@15-pass.com along with three written references of existing members.

"We put the PAs in 15-PAss."




Nick Stergiou
Marcus Terry
Nick Stergiou is an NYC/Tri-State area based production specialist focusing on logistics, coordination and crew management/staffing in the film/tv/commercial production environments.

"Sterg" is a graduate of New York University's Media Studies department at Steinhardt School of Education and the prestigious Tisch School of The Art's Producing for Film/TV program. After graduation he was recruited at The Mayor's Office of Film Theatre and Broadcasting team helping local Location Managers and Producers secure permits throughout the city which served as a launching pad for his producing career over the last 7 years.

In 2011, Sesame Workshop welcomed Sterg to the non-profit family as their permalance Transportation Coordinator for PBS's Emmy Award winning Children's Program Sesame Street shot in the historic Kaufman Astoria Studios.

Founding 15-Pass members Marcus Terry and Nick Stergiou were selected to write/direct/produce a comedic behind-the-scenes Sesame Street short entitled "15-Pass Confessions" starring the muppeteer talent (Joey Mazzerino, Matt Vogel, Carmen Osbahr) in 2013 and was premiered in front of crew, Workshop employees, and guests during the Season 45 Celebration Event. A sequel is in pre-production for 2015. Other projects Nick has coordinated and managed for include TV's The Amazing Race, The Celebrity Apprentice, and numerous commercials and events around the city. In between corporate and TV projects, Sterg continues to produce independent projects and is currently producing and directing an observational documentary series covering mobile gaming and its affects on modern youth culture.